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Brexit information to workers with UK citizenship

UK and Norway agrees to preserve existing rights

When UK leaves EU, there will no longer be an existing deal securing the rights to stay and work in Norway, for UK citizens. Many workers and students in both Norway and UK countries are worried that the effects of Brexit will terminate the existing rights.

As UKs agreements with other EU and EEA countries are regulated by the EU laws, no other agreements can be made by the UK before the membership in EU seizes. However, the UK and EU might agree that the UK still will have a connection with the EU – more or less similar to the Norwegian membership in the EEA – that will secure the existing rights.

If this does not happen, and the UK cuts all of the ties across the channel, the government of both Norway and the UK have an agreement to continue to secure the same rights between the countries as they were before Brexit. 

This will be done in separate agreements directly by the countries.

It is still not certain which type of agreement the future will bring, but it will most certainly be an agreement that continues to allow for UK citizens to work in Norway, and vice versa.

In Norway, the government now has asked the Norwegian Parliament to accept this deal to be made, which the Parliament most likely will agree to.

The deal will regulate amongst other things:

-The right to stay, right to work, and establishment

-Professional qualifications

-Coordination of national insurance benefits and health care

-Educational support


here should not be any reason to worry about Brexit affecting your job in Norway.